We find that there are young adults who feel as though their generation is not striving for a high enough standard...

those who want to join a community of highly committed individuals. But it's not just a lack of like-minded people to help bolster them up that's the issue. Committing one's self to civic leadership can be difficult, and lead to frustration and stagnation. We help high-striving young adults rise to their expectations through leadership development, collaborative discussion, and civic engagement.

Our Vision

The organization is focused on making sure all of it's members develop exceedingly well as young professionals, but more than that we seek to create an environment that is service based with the hopes in making our community a better place for all people. The goal is to make service our legacy.

Our Mission

Rotaract provides an opportunity for West Georgia's Young Professionals to meet and exceed their own expectations through Leadership Development, Collaborative Learning, and Civic Engagement. Through each other, we hope that each of us develops as citizens as well as young professionals. All done through Networking events, workshops, speakers, and a number of other things.

Our Motto

Lead: We Develop Leaders, So That We May Ensure Our Community's Growth.
Learn: We Actively Listen To The Leaders of Today So That We May Better Guide Our Community Tomorrow.
Serve: We Engage With The Local and International Community to Create New and Enriching Opportunities.